Malcom X Park

Perfect Shot: Malcom X Park

 This was my most populated location. I always do parks on days where it’s fewer people and more opportunities because I’m a big introvert. This time was in the city like location with a lot going on. This meant my nerves were on high alert. Sometimes I’m shy about things before I even do something. If I think about something for too long before I do it, I’ll never get it done. My life would be better I think if I was like Nike and I just do it every chance I got. Thinking only holds me back. That was a little self-reflection moment. I just thought I’ll say before.

 So this park was heavily populated. Filled with people enjoying life. Taking photos themselves. There were guys doing tricks on skateboards down the way. A lot of people walking their dogs. There was even a lovely couple taking their wedding photos. It sounds a lot like everyone was minding their business. So what did I have to be afraid of? Nothing. So I put my thoughts away and started searching for the perfect shot.

I got a couple of good ones. I think.

Photo Feb 23, 9 42 38 PM

This one is also Model Dreams 74. How this shot came about was pretty easy. I stood on a balcony while my friend was under me took the photo. I just like it. It kinda looks powerful.

Photo Feb 23, 9 42 38 PM (1)

I really liked this one as well. As far as clothes go. I should have worn black socks. But nonetheless, this was a dope shot. I sat on this ledge over top this dip looking thing. While my friend got in one of these dips and aimed up.

Photo Feb 22, 1 55 06 PM

 That’s the end of this journey. I’ll soon be back with more for the perfect shot series. Until then catch up on the previous perfect shots.

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