Empty Thoughts 3 (Poem)

Empty Thoughts 3:

I cried myself to sleep for 4 years straight
I wanted to do this since I was 8
People forgot about that when I gained weight
I used to have tough skin
But my skin got soft when I went against them
I know it’s the same tune
Because I’m still not over it, damn I feel like my life is ruined
I used to get drunk just to escape
I used to wish I didn’t live in this place
Forget used to
Because I’m still here
Living in fear
Of being controlled again
When will these thoughts end?
Why can’t I have tough skin?
When will I ever get rid of this fucking depression?
I got some demons in my soul
That I’ll never tell another soul
But I promise to myself that I won’t ever fold
Because I want to reach my goals

Don’t mind me I’m just having empty thoughts

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