Kentland Park

Perfect Shot Kentland Park: 

This should go by fast. Just like my photoshoot on Valentines Day. It was spur of the moment type of shoot. I thought of a photo when I was getting my annual haircut. I just could picture a depressing photo of me holding a rose in the middle of a field of grass. So I said I have to get this picture. The only issue with this was, it was one of the coldest days in Maryland. It was 30 degrees on this day but it felt like it was 10.

It was entirely too hard to even get 10 pictures. I barely got a good 5 pictures done. I always have ideas for pictures that doesn’t involve a jacket or coat. I never been so cold in my life. My hands started turning red. I was trying to come up with pictures on the fly. I got a couple good ones. My friend said he could barely tap the screen to take the pictures. I had to sit in the car and heat up for like 30 minutes because i could barely feel my hands.

That was the end of this post. I had some of the pictures edited and down below. Along with the editor from Fiverr. I wore some pants from Royal Blue Apparel. My sweater is from the brand Chaps. I’ll tell you my shoes but you can’t see them in the picture but oh well. I wore some white and blue,Nike Chuck Posite. Fun fact about these shoes. I wore them a couple of times before I realized they glow green. So cool. Never knew before I brought them.



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