Blink (Poem)


Blink, blink
Was the sound of the turn signals
As my grandma and I sat at the light waiting for it to change
The sun is beaming down at my nice melanin skin

My skin is glistening
I bob my head a bit as I listen to my favorite tunes
Blink, blink

In just a second
A car from behind me
Pulled up beside me
Before I could usher a word of confusion
They gave me a conclusion

When the window came down and someone shot me more times than I could even count
I was only 18 when someone killed me
I had just graduated
Later this year I was going to be in college
I could have gained some knowledge

Made a difference in this world
But it only took one day to end my world
For what?

Now My grandma has to have the image of me being killed in front of her as a present
I just want to know why did you pull that trigger?
Why did you take me away from my family?

Justice for Na’kia Crawford


Don’t know her personally at all. Just read her story and felt like writing. I hope someone finds a answer to her murder. Rest In Peace Na’kia Crawford

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