Writing Prompt #69

Writing Prompt #69: If you were to describe yourself in 10 words, what would they be and why?

If I could describe myself in 10 words what would they be
Cause every day I’m dedicated to this gift
Without ever really being paid for it
Kinda odd to explain it
To someone that lives for the money

I just live for the views
And the cheers that fill my ears
Secondly, I’m Emotional
Because of insults from the bloodline
Will bring my happiness down

I’m also shy
Reasons why I don’t speak in front of crowds
But I have dreams of speaking aloud
So that’s another word for me

I’m a dreamer
Somewhat a chaser
But not out there enough to be stacking paper
I’m a little boring at times
Especially through text

I’ll put a girl to rest
With these lines, I got in my head
I’m lazy
When it comes to working I’ll watch a whole season of the family guy before I put one line on the paper

Physically, I’m pretty
That’s what I think
But maybe that’s just me
I’m tall but not like Yao Ming
More like the above-average type of tall, you know what I mean

Ok now what can be ten
Let me think
Freaky I guess, that’s what I heard about Scorpios
Uhhh scratch that uhh

Oh I’m creative
When I’m not lazy I can create dope content
Poems that will make you think
Stories that’ll keep you guessing

Speeches that will make you want to see me read it like Gary Vee
A spoken word that will massage your eardrums
As my smooth tone releases through your speakers
My bars will keep you intrigued and eager
My flows are hotter than a kid with a fever

My blogs will make you want to log on every day to see what I have to say
And well you get it
It’s K. Exum

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