3 Confessions

3 Confessions:

1. I have never had a girlfriend as an adult. It’s bad maybe, it’s good I don’t know really. Maybe I’m meant to be a loner. I feel as though I spend so much time working on myself, that I don’t have time for someone else. Also like I’m not ready for one yet. Not until my confidence, wallet, and living situation is stable.

2. I have a strong hatred for half my family. It all started in high school. It’s a grudge I wish I could delete but my backspace button just doesn’t work.

3. I didn’t like my looks for most of my life. I feel as though that’s the reason for why I’m socially awkward because I’m not confident in my looks. Why I haven’t performed because I don’t feel like I look good. Or because My confidence is in a shell.

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