Writing Prompt #44

Writing prompt #44: Write a poem based on a dream you had. Try to reproduce the sensations of the dream.

It was a building I don’t recognize

But what I heard and saw I didn’t want to recognize it

I heard screaming through the walls

I heard people yelling help throughout the halls

Everyone in the room were laying on the floor

I felt butterflies flying through my core

As I heard a banging noise sort of like a gun shot

It kept going off as the yelling started to cease

After each minute it got closer and closer

I could fill my heart beat rise like a roller coaster

As the banging noise was no longer just a noise

It had a face that was cold and poised

The gun he held was something out of a war movie

I didn’t see no other option so I started to move rapidly

Through the glass window I went

Not knowing how far I was up, I jumped

Then I woke up

Something those kids in those mass shootings couldn’t do

Sometimes I wish it was just a Dream for them too

Don’t you?


Disclaimer: This was truly a dream or rather I say a nightmare I had shortly after the parkland shooting. I don’t know how to feel about this one. I often let my imagination control the pen when writing these prompts. I hope you enjoyed. The prompt is from https://www.creative-writing-now.com/creative-writing-prompts.html.

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