Last Day

This is a poem I wrote before my successful operation. It’s based upon my fear for that day being my last. This piece is available on all digital stores.

Last Day:

Surgery in a couple of hours

Let my body go under and let doc hold all the power

Ye said it best no man can hold all that power

Dear doc you got a young king in your hands

Don’t let your hands slip

Cause once I’m gone there’s no coming back

If it’s my last day

I want the stage to know that I wanted to get on top of you, pause

But no matter the cause

I just felt like I didn’t have the balls

Always been shy in new places

In front of new faces

I was scared that the faces will make me mess up again

That was then

If I wake up, your going to be at the top of my list

If it’s my last day

Tell my pops that I went out trying to do the best for myself

Something I wasn’t good at in high school

Your words led me to grabbing the tool

And attempting to see if god wanted his son earlier than expected

I guess it wasn’t time for this soul to be rested

If it’s my last day tell my favorite cousin

That death isn’t the cure for her pain

It’s closure, don’t be scared to get that closure you need

I hope when I get up here

I don’t see you in a year

Beat your fears

If it’s my last day

Tell my mom I love her

And I know I hurt her

While chasing this dream of being smaller

It was something I felt I needed to be successful

If it’s my last day

Tell my sis

That the bills

Will end one day don’t let them stress you

Also stop downing yourself

Your beautiful on the inside and out

If it’s my last day

Tell my bro

His new job going take him a long way

And even though I was older

I looked up to you some times

You made me want to chase my dreams

If it’s my last day

Tell my Gg I’m going to miss her

I’ll always be with her when she watching those movies

If it’s my last day

Tell My homies don’t let those bills take them down

Y’all are kings hold up your head and put on your crowns

One day you going be up but you got to go through the storm to get to the sun light

If it’s my last day

Let my fam know I love them

Even if I barely talk to them

If it’s my last day

Just know the motto is forever History In The Making

If it’s my last day

Remember me as a King

Forget that let me wake up

Lord Jesus I got a plan

I got a couple of plans

I use to say I wanted death

But death to this weight

Because it was the one I hate

Shout/ out to the happy big guys

I just couldn’t be that

Tried it for a little

It just wasn’t in me

Let me wake up

I want to rebuild myself

The way I wanted

I took life for granted

Let me change that and be the man this time

Let me Rise G

Let me Rise G

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