Discouraged by my art
Cause I felt like I wasn’t getting enough hearts
Not connecting enough spiritually or even on the gram, see
I just want to be me in my poetry
But there was no audience
And my pockets were empty
I pushed my poetry to fill them
Then lost the urge
To fulfill my destiny
When the dollars kept coming up short,
I was listening to too many doubts
From people who don’t know nothing about poetry
They knew nothing of a noun, a verb, even a stanza
They didn’t know how to connect these lines and rhymes so fluently
Like I’m doing currently
It discouraged me cause I started comparing myself to others
Thoughts of why I don’t sound like him, her, or they
Creating unwanted insecurities
Discouraged by things that don’t matter
Profits shouldn’t shatter your passion
And your voice through the pen is only unique to you
That’s what makes you great
That’s what makes you stand out
Don’t pout
About not sounding like other art
Grow your pen if you want to extend your art
But don’t lose your voice
Cause it’s wonderful for you
Never stop writing
Everyone gets discouraged

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