Writing Prompt #144

Writing Prompt #144

Write a poem that is also a letter. To your past or future self; to a friend; to an emotion; to a loved one who passed away.

Dear Brodie

I know heaven don’t have a phone but maybe they have wifi

From your lil cloud in the sky

I picture you chilling smoking on god’s finest while you listen to me rhyme

I still don’t feel like it was your time

But i guess that’s a forever feeling

I want to tell you what I’m dealing with but I know you been watching from the cheap seats

Wishing you can speak

But you just got to hope that your wisdom you left behind did the trick

I think of you every time I want to quit

That’s something I never seen you do

Something I know you would never want

I been feeling so blank

Barely want to write anymore

Stuck in my feelings missing my brother

I want to break down

I want to dap you up

I want you to come down from above

If heaven had Wi-Fi I would blow your DMs up

I miss you brother forever and always

Disclosure:Thank you for viewing my answer to this prompt from https://jerichowriters.com/100-poetry-prompts/#:~:text=So%20here%20are%20some%20poetry,one%20of%20Shakespeare’s%20or%20Petrarca’s

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