New Poem That’ll Make You Feel Lost, “I Lost”

“I Lost” is an emotional poem that talks about the pain of losing love for people. It is a story of the heartache and loneliness that comes when we feel disconnected from our loved ones. Through this poem, I reflect on how it feels to be so far away from those who once meant so much to us. This poem speaks to all of us who have experienced loss and are trying to find our way back home.

I Lost 

I Lost love for the ones I loved most

Tired of showing respect for people who show me how much I don’t matter

Lost my Brodie feels like my world shattered

In the same year heard my blood tell me my feelings don’t matter

If I had a chopper, I would’ve painted the walls with my blood splatter

I mean, what’s the point?

I know my Brodie loves me

I think he’ll be glad to have me as company

I lost love for the ones here

What’s the point of staying here?

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