Rage | A Powerful Piece on Letting Go

Rage Was beyond shaking
Rage Was better than the thoughts of withdrawing from life
Rage Was the prime culprit for my tears
Rage Was better than ruining my life
It was better than asking the ceiling why my brother was not here to give me advice
Lost my brother and my heart in the same year
Now I fear losing myself to the rage
Can’t bare to look in my heart face
Someone who loves you will never hurt you
So why you don’t love me like I love you
I had your back, how am I the villain?
I was just chilling
When the bitch started screaming at you,
I had your back again, so how are you mad at me
I remember believing I was gone lose, you
Didn’t feel right leaving you
Heart pounding as I drive away for a second,
Felt like you were going to be gone forever
I remember doing the race back cause I thought the bitch was going to kill you
I mean, he kept threatening you
What else was I to think?
What else was I supposed to feel?
This is not the first time, nor the second, nor the third, nor the fourth
Lord knows it’ll be countless more
No wonder I want em off the earth
I let out my rage in my space
It wasn’t right, but I couldn’t hold
I had to fold
A broken item here
Was better than a broken life
I can picture the sight
Going to trial
With you in the stands and I’m in a jumpsuit,


I’m a strong advocate for releasing your pain and anger in positive ways. My way is through poetry. It’s harmless and it gets my point across. It allows me to relinquish my inner thoughts when I need to most. I did just that with this poem above. If you liked it or my little message here, follow. Follow me on Instagram as well. On a journey to hit 3,000 follower. Again, Thank you for reading and I’ll see you next time with more poetry.

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