A Expressive Poem About Life: Life

I was trying to figure out where I should go

Pockets look empty just trying to stay a float

Shit seems so different

Everyone had a plan after those caps went in the air

But I couldn’t figure out a plan because I never thought I’ll see my cap in the air

I always thought I would catch a cap in the air

Cause depression had my mind stuck in the past

While I just hoped that I could just get passed

Back in class, I used to have too many voices in my ear

Every human in my crib just wanted to assassinate my character

Always been a shy kid, so nobody seen the pain in my eyes

I was just trying to stay a float

I was a writer in an athlete’s body, trying to convince others that this wasn’t me

But they just took me as a joke

Life moves on, but this depression doesn’t

That’s why my mind is still there

When it should be over here

Years later and I’m still not where I want to be

Cause I can’t even grasp who I really am

Where do I really stand?

I’m just trying to understand this life

My life

Is it my life now?

Or am I still a little puppet

Oh fuck it

Why am I talking?

It’s not even like they're listening

I’m just fishing

For my answers to my problems

They can’t change my past

And I can’t forget my past

But I can change my future

And I can make sure they're not in it

Is this my life?

Or is it still theirs?

Life moves on, but depression doesn’t

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