The One

The one ☝️
I say I haven’t experienced much

Honestly, I’m the closest thing to a virgin

Since my weight lost, I have been searching

Even thirsting like an athlete after a game

I’m not even ashamed

It’s so much life to live

I’m loving my freedom and see no space for a k.i.d

Still, I find myself taking a dive

Not much experience, but I always seem to make a mess

I mean they say Scorpios is the best

Hands wrapped around her neck

Moans for a daddy, but I’m no father

Just a master taming his beast,

She’s a hard shelled beast that only breaks for the strongest king

High-pitched calls of my government

Till her fluids are draped across my fingertips like polish

I always make sure she tastes first

I mean ladies always go first right

And I’m a gentleman so I must be polite

Until the flick of the lights

And these hoochie daddy shorts slide down my long melanin legs

If we don’t make it to the bed

We can go public like a couple of celebs

Forget about them headlights, I can care less for the feds

Melanin skin cutie with dreads

In love with your features

I can’t wait to eat you

Wonder how sweet you are

Can’t stop until my beard and neck are dripping with your juices

I look up to see you quivering

Your legs wrapped around my head tightly like cuffs

The way you buss make me want to cuff you

Trust You, Love You, Protect You

Never let another brother get next to you

Cause this is feeling like the top 3 and I’m not talking 2 or 3

You must be the one

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