25th Birthday In Las Vegas

Weekly Thoughts #120: 25th Birthday In Las Vegas

Hello world, this special edition of Weekly Thoughts is about how my special birthday week went. If you don’t know, my birthday was on November 17th. It was my long awaited 25th birthday and what better way to celebrate by booking a 4 day vacation in Las Vegas?

For starters, I chose Las Vegas, Nevada for a couple reasons. For one, my dad. He goes to Vegas more than anyone I know. This trip was his 12th time going. After each trip, he always raved about his experiences. Most times it sounded fun as ever. So much so that I wanted to go. Also, Las Vegas is home for all stoners.

This trip only included my pops and best friend. We still had a great time, just the three of us. This trip crossed off my, but goal for traveling this year. It was my first time on a plane as well. It went ok. I’ll say it wasn’t the best, but it wasn’t bad. I have been hearing all my life about turbulence and the take off experiences. So I expected the shaking and the speed of the plane. By preparing myself for the moment. It made me chill. Not going lie I was a little buzzed when the plane took off. It helped take the edge off. The only downside was being packed in the seats like a pack of sardines.

Upon landing, we rented a car and stopped by the first dispensary of the trip. Cookies was the first one we visited. It had to be about 1 am on November 16th. Walked away with some nice buds that night. Stayed at Planet Hollywood Hotel. It was a pleasant hotel with a mall connected to it. There was also a casino inside that robbed me later.

After smoking our brains away until 5 or 6 am. Then falling asleep. We decided it’s time to see what breakfast was like out here. We stopped by Blueberry Hill. Pops, being the returning visitor of the state, felt like this was the best spot to eat at. The restaurant was pretty nice inside. The food was exceptional. I had these large fluffy cinnamon swirl pancakes. They were delicious at the table. Because of my gastric sleeve, I only ate half a pancake and a couple scoops of my favorite grits. But my food didn’t go to waste thanks to my table.

Once breakfast concluded, we made our way to Jardins. Where the bud tenders are as beautiful as the bud. They are there to educate you on all your marijuana requests. I bought a couple of strains from here. It was amazing. We stopped by a smoke shop for cones and things. I sadly don’t remember the name of the store, but it was great. I got my new favorite bowl from here. It imitates an old pipe. I saw it and knew exactly what I wanted as a souvenir.

For my actual birthday, we booked a 4 wheeler tour. As for my pops and I, it was our first time riding. Initially, I was freaking out before this day. I kept thinking I was going to fall. I have always been terrified of riding one. All that fear was for nothing. I had a blast. It’s like driving but instead of your foot on the gas. It’s your thumb on this little trigger thing called a throttle. When turning, you lean side to side. If you haven’t done it? I suggest you do it. It’s always a great experience on the other side of fear.

This post is getting long so I’m going to wrap it up. Later in the day, we took a trip to Buldogis. Another restaurant my pops picked out. This time it was his first time. Their menu comprised all kinds of special hotdogs. My plate contained the delicious crispy sweet potato fries and a macaroni and cheese hot dog. Yes, a hotdog with macaroni and cheese on top. It was good. I didn’t finish this meal either. I finished quickly, but my trip partners cleaned house.

Tonight we took a trip down Fremont street. It was live. A lot to see. There are a lot of unique acts going on this street. Different stores for tourists. I saw a lady spitting bars. Bands playing hit songs. I saw people dressed as animals dancing around. Women looking stunning and taking pictures with people as they go by. There was a lot going on here.

After that, we hit the casino. I was in Vegas and I felt like it was only right. I gamble. It’s Las Vegas, home of the casinos. It’s a slot machine in every gas station in town. I took $200 out to gamble with. I went back to the room with $150. I believe I won $50 total on the slot machines. My pops talked me into playing craps. I have never played this game. I didn’t know the object of the game at all. All I know is I put $100 on the table and walked away with it. People were betting on a 6 and a 8 and that’s what I was rolling. I had fun. Pops won some money back. I won my money. We cashed out and headed in.

Overall, this trip was incredible. I flew for the first time. I rode a 4 wheeler. I tried some of the best strains in the world. I gambled. I had this amazing strawberry French Toast from Lou’s Diner. A couple other things occurred but something’s has to stay in Vegas. Who knows, my 26th may take place there too. This was one of my best birthdays ever.

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