America- A ABC Poem

America is an incredible country that has been the inspiration for many poets and writers. In this poem, I will attempt to capture the unique beauty of America through words. I will explore its landscapes, its people, and its culture in a way that celebrates the nation’s diversity and strength. Through this poem, I hope to give readers a glimpse into what makes America so special and why it deserves to be celebrated.


Business corporations runs it all

Cops continue to break the law

Democrats are supposed to be like the saviors 

Entertaining some of our demands 

Forget our demands after they get in command

Giving every other race reparations 

How long can my people have patience 

I’m thinking we’ll never get reparations 

Just saying, look at how long it’s been since slavery 

Kinda can’t forget segregation 

Leaving out modern day racism?

Maybe that can get left out the budget cut

Noticing how often we still stuck in those predicaments

Officers of the law doing fine carrying out those incidents 

Playing in our face with these low sentences when they up for murder indictments

Question, why my niggas in prisons on drug offenses have longer sentences?

Read between the lines like the feds and these rap lyrics

Schools getting shot up and they losing their courage

Terminating every bullet in the chamber when a nigga surrender 

Using the media to make the white mass shooters seem like a troubled innocent teen that was suffering from mental illness 

Very different when a 911 call ends up being for a mentally Ill black man who is having a mental breakdown 

What happens next is the man is shot down because he failed to understand orders because of his autism 

X out my people with this melanin we get a harsher criticism 

Young people losing their rights over their own body

Zero fucks are given any more they really allowed white life to leave they mouth and fucking body

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