My Uncle

My Uncle: 

I remember when you used to pick me up when I was little 

Although the way you held me in the air made me giggle

I miss the unknown feeling of what you were doing living outside

I often heard about the bad side of living there

But I wish I knew more about the good side

I miss how quiet you were

Because I’m quiet too, so it was good having someone around that I was like

I barely saw you show sad emotions 

I wish you would have left me that potion

I just miss you

I miss wondering what you were doing

Now I’m wondering what I didn’t get to learn about you

We never know what we have until they're gone

Better to experience each other than to regret not knowing who you were around 

It’s your anniversary of your death

And I’m just paying my respects

Now I’ll let you continue to rest

See you later Uncle Steve 

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