5 Amazing Apps All Influencers Need In 2022

Top 5 Favorite: 5 Amazing Apps All Influencers Need in 2022

This post is more for the mini influencers, bloggers and artists like myself. I use these 5 apps daily. For me, they are very effective. I hope you see these apps as useful too.

  1. Taskade – To-Do List & Notes: I can use this app with a team. You can collaborate with people you invite and vice versa. But for me, I use this to plan out different ventures. All my goals I wish to accomplish I place here. Only because I believe seeing the goal more often helps me stay focused on the task. I also like the weekly planner template. Allows me to schedule what I want to do for the entire week. Place notes in the planner as well. I’m a big planner, so this helps a lot.
  2. Preview: This is my new favorite app for scheduling Instagram posts. If you don’t know, 100% of my Instagram posts are on a schedule. They post automatically. The only posts I do by hand are my stories and reels. This app allows you to schedule those as well, but not post automatically. You’ll get a reminder when it’s time to post. Something I find unique about this app is all the hashtags you can find on here. You can go into a hashtag finder within the app and find hashtags related to your niche. Which is perfect. Preview Instagram account is also so helpful. They post all new updates coming to the Instagram platform. Also, share tips to keep you updated on the latest trends. This app is free to download but you need a plan to do some things I mentioned, like story planner, reels planner, and etc. The pro plan is $80 a year. The plan I have is premium, where you get all the amenities for $150 a year.
  3. Focus Keeper: I love this app for its ability to time my tasks. You can also post tasks on here as well. I usually put my everyday tasks on here. Like when I workout or write or prepare for work. I like to set a timer to keep me focus. Most times I’ll put my phone on dnd while I have the timer going so I don’t be distracted. One function I love is the reminders of when it’s time to work.
  4. Milkshake: No, I’m not talking about the dairy delight some of us love. This milkshake is for those special links we all like to leave in our bios. Milkshake designs are seemingly better than its competitors. It has an easy swipe function so people can see each tab you have available. I have multiple for all my content. There is an insight tab to let you know how your links are doing, etc.
  5. Tully: This is new for me. It was created by Grammy nominated artist, Joyner Lucas. I have heard him speak of this app before but recently tried it out. It’s incredible. I mainly use it to practice reciting spoken words. It’s like a studio in your pocket. You can write your art. Record you speaking it with the text right in front of you. Add beats to the recording. You can even collaborate with other artist and distribute your music. They have free beats. A cloud to store your projects. Ahead of his time with this one. I haven’t created a spoken word and distributed it through this app yet. Maybe I’ll do it soon and write a blog about my experience. Tell me if you would like that in the comments below.

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