Back To The Grind

Weekly Thoughts #119: Back to the grind

Hello world, it’s been awhile since I wrote one of these posts. Some things have changed since I last wrote. So let’s write about it.

For starters, I’m still grieving. I never really experienced death like this before. Some days feel like the first time I found out. Other days, I’m lifted in spirit and motivated to take on the day. It’s just a here and there type thing. But everyday he’s on my mind. Sometimes it’s the happy memories that keep me going. I recently found a short video of him telling me to keep going with my poetry and books. To leave a trail. That video warmed my heart cause I’m doing exactly what he wanted. But also don’t want to leave a trail without him.

One thing that has changed, and that’s my therapy journey. I took a minor break. I think grieving and other things made me push my therapist away. I just been spiraling a bit and really didn’t want to speak about my problems. Even now. So I’m on a break from my journey. I don’t know if that’s good or bad.

The best thing that has been going on for me is my gym grind. I went from 276 to 267 in 3 weeks. I take that as a win. I have been making a lot of smoothies lately. My smoothie usually consist of frozen fruits, bananas, peanut butter, protein, and yogurt. It’s been helping a lot. I try to drink 2 a day and eat one proper meal at the end. Cutting out chips has been kinda hard.

I’m progressing as I go. I want to be at 250 pounds for my birthday in November. That’s my little present to myself. I believe I will make it there. I have this new app called smart gym. It’s a lifesaver. I’m a little experienced in working out but didn’t know what exercises are right for the body I’m building. So this app tells you what is best based on what you’re looking to build. I have been using it faithfully for the past few weeks. I suggest you do so if you are clueless like me.

This post is getting a little long. It’s been a lot going on. But nothing is stopping me from making it to 250. It’s been a goal of mines for a long time. But that’s all I really had to write. Pretty soon these posts will be spoken. But that’s a talk for the next time. I love you all that’s reading this post and see you all next time

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