Hey Depression 9

Hey Depression 9

Hey Depression
It’s been a minute since you graced my presence

Sometimes I feel like I deserve your essence

Some would argue the best pieces I wrote you were the subject

As time moves on, I often mention you as an Ex

But like any toxic relationship, I’m back on you

Intertwining my words with your core

Leaving my mark on your lips

How do I stop coming on to you?

I keep trying to compromise my heart, but as always, it’s like her screws loose

I just wish things were different

Or she was a little more coherent

I just think distance is my only answer

The closer we stay to each other,

The worse it gets

The more I depend on weed to get through my day

Lord knows I don’t want to stay

But I need more paper to escape

Just need some more

But how much more depression can I take?
Before I fucking escape

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