How it feels to Lose a Best Friend?

Behind The Scenes: How It Feels To Lose A Best Friend?

Hey world. This post is the behind the scenes of losing a best friend. If you have been through something like this, then leave advice if you wish in the comments. Or tell me how it was? Also sorry for your loss as well. Here we go.

Losing a best friend is one of the worst feelings in the world. Every memory ever shared replays in your head over and over. Your dreams are reserved for memories y’all were yet to share. Every mishap brings the question of what would they have advised if they were alive.

Throughout life, you never think you can lose your best friend. Your right-hand man. Your brother. You never think they’ll ever be gone until it happens. Birthday’s become a reminder that they’re no longer here. Sometimes I hear his voice in my head and the tears exit my eyelids. This feeling is the worst thing I felt because I can’t do anything to bring him back. All I can do is hold on to the memories.

My best friend’s birthday passed recently, and it was so different. The feeling set in that he’s gone. I don’t share too much personal about him cause he was a private person. But one thing he did was stay to himself sometimes. The good thing about that is sometimes it feels like he just not answering his phone. His birthday made that dream disappear. How we all gathered without him made the elephant appear in the room. I miss him every day. Often when I write, I end up crying because he’s always the subject.

The only thing that has enhanced since is my grind. I’m just going harder for everything. He was one of my biggest supporters. So I go harder for the both of us. I hustle for 2 now. LLBW.

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