Got A Question

For starters Happy B-Day to my brother. I know you’re watching. You were always watching me. My biggest supporter. I chose this day cause it’s your B-day and I’m going to enjoy it for you.

So Got A Question is pretty simple. It’s my one question to the world about life events. I don’t want to say too much. I just want you to experience it. I’ll leave links to the song below. Stream everywhere. Even if you already heard it, listen again.

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Got a Question

I just got a question
What are cops good for?
They feared a teenager with a gun
Scared of a black man with no gun
Scared of a kid with a toy gun
Scared of black people with their hands up
Scared of a woman asleep
Man, they are so scared of a black man that they kneeled on his neck till he took his last breath
I can go on and on, but you know the rest
What the fuck are they good for?
Mass shooters get arrested
While we get blasted
Dragged, beaten, choked, even put in cuffs and transported with no seat belt
Shit, it seems like the only time they protecting shit is when they protect their rights to kill with no consequences
A pregnant woman just got killed with her hands up, man they are relentless
But while those babies were getting murdered
They suddenly lost all their courage
I know, I know what you're thinking
Two different states, 2 different situations, 2 different stations
But when a nigga has a situation with a cop, it always ends in more devastation
So why can’t I compare the two
Every nigga to them is just a criminal
With our rights, it feels like we have minimal
Their hands be on their gun just walking up to our windows
No matter what they swear, they smell endo
Now they want to search
I can say no and possibly leave earth
Cause with niggas, they take shit to the max
Instead of deescalate, they escalate
Instead of investigating, they eliminate
They get caught on video and get suspended with pay
Ain’t that shit so fucking crazy
Like what are they good for?
They so scared of our black people that they the empty the clip
They so scared of a AR that they can’t even save no kids
What the fuck are they good for?
Somebody tell me that
What the fuck are cops good for?
They always fucking scared
Always fucking scared

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