Writing Prompt #140

Writing Prompt #140: If our relationship had a theme song, it would be

She loves me; she loves me not

She loves the way I choke her

Not enough to hurt her

But just enough to let her know who the boss is

But she hates how confusing I be

I want her, but am I ready mentally 

Secretly I like her smile 

It’s bright enough to cure blindness

I like the smile she gives when she shows her shyness

Which seems like all the time

Especially when our gazes meet at the right time

I love when she leans up for a kiss

As I grant her wish as if we were under a mistletoe 

And the fat man was about to climb down the chimney filled with smoke

The taste of her lips is never enough 

Got to taste her tongue, as she taste mine

Around my neck her fingers intertwined 

My hands gripped her lower cheeks with a tight grip

I love her; I love her not

I hate every tale she tells about her past

I’m no psychic, but I can see me resembling every man from her past

Though I don’t want to judge

I tell myself hush

Cause her thoughts on how to treat people is the opposite of me

Often I saw her as the opposite of someone I would love

But I didn’t want to shove 

Her out of my life, so I go with the flow

She loves me; she loves me not

Sometimes I think she is just lost

She liked the view of me but didn’t really know me

Always had an idea of the type of person I was without knowing me

Once I disagreed, it was a problem

I love her; I love her not

I was so attracted but was affected by the way she acted

Treated men like dogs

Felt like it was acceptable cause men she dated were dogs

Felt like I was the type to just pet their ego and stay solid

More reason I felt like she didn’t know me

She loves me; I love her not

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