Writing Prompt #138

Writing Prompt #138: Write about your way back home from work or school, describe the streets and people.

Bright skies and summer breeze

That’s often interrupted by the nicotine and weed smoke

That clogs the air 

Since laws changed, piglets don’t even care

Just continue to stay alert on each corner where there’s nothing but kings and queens enjoying the fresh air

Outsiders standing on each corner, some even walking in pairs

It’s always the same things I see as I mosey on through

Some days, some aren’t as lucky

As I have to take different routes,

To get out of the rural streets filled with caution tapes

Another lost prince is being transported from the premisses 

I can see news vans passing by in the opposite directions

I can just picture the headlines on the evening news

No matter the day, I always find myself in near crash experiences

With drivers who deserve to have their licenses suspended

I’m surprised the cars I drive don’t get dented

By another driver who's just on their way home from a stressful day at the office

Each of us can’t afford the risk

That our wallets will feel

Before the cars even meet steel to steel

It’s crazy that our lives come second to our minds

Eyes on the road is often difficult 

Cause the cars are always close together like a cult

Following the next car till my exit come near

Funny that I often drive in my childhood neighborhood

Where all my favorite memories was spent

They fill my side of town with small businesses until I take another exit

After this exit

I know it’ll only be about 6 minutes to get to my destination

Where bae is waiting

I love to hold her thick curves between my fingertips

2 flicks and a inhale

There goes my way

Prompt from this book: 100 Poetry Writing Prompts For Adults

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