It’s Been Rough

Weekly Thoughts #118: It’s been rough

So a lot has transpired in little time, but grief kind of made me forget a lot, so let’s talk about it. This post was supposed to be up, but a lot has been going on. They laid my best friend to rest last Friday. I’ll write a little about that. One thing about him was his privacy. He was very private, just like his family and their plans for his service. So I’ll say little. Also, other life events transpired. Here we go.

 I went from needing multiple root canals to needing 7 fillings and 8 extractions. Man, I just got to type it. What the fuck? I withheld the root canals last year because I was jobless. Now I have a job and am about to be drowning in debt trying to get my teeth fixed. The good thing is I now have dental insurance, so hopefully the prices will be tweaked a bit. Hopefully. Forget hope. I need to bow my head and pray for my wallet.

I didn’t go camping after all. After Monday, May 23rd, I was thinking about it. It was going to be a three-day weekend but Wednesday was unimaginable. That was when I lost my big brother. He was so excited to go camping that made me want to switch but little time to gather everything. My three-day weekend turned into 4 because I couldn’t gather myself to work that Friday. Those days flew by. I was mostly crying or fighting off others’ comfort. To us (friends), Brodie accepted the idea of dying when he was hospitalized. That time was at least a year ago where he gave us his last words then. It was the fact we didn’t give ours. He was ready to go when we didn’t even scratch the surface of this earth yet. We had left little of a mark. We hadn’t traveled to every place we wanted yet. We weren’t done. We didn’t even know Wednesday was going to be the last time we talked. Sometimes I think I hear his voice in my head. I awoke that Saturday to his voice in my dreams and a stream of tears followed. Death can change someone. I just hope it’s for the better.

June 17, 2022, was the funeral date for my best friend. I received the news about it on the Monday before. I remember the sudden shock that followed when reading the text. Sitting in the break room on the verge of tears. The service was perfect for him. The guys and I came medicated and together as one for him. We didn’t let anyone ruin this day. No matter how many tried. Helped carry my best friend. I was a paul bearer for the first time. I watched the casket close on my boy. Even stayed to watch the casket get lifted into the ground. Seeing the dirt go on top and all. This is not goodbye, but see you later. 

Saturday, June 25th was the end of @piecesofkblog & Instagram accounts. I felt like there was no point in having either. Piecesofkblog Instagram gained little to any traffic and the store couldn’t get approved for Instagram shopping. It was pointless to keep trying to build up both pages and my main one, too. I did the Instagram shop on my main page and was approved in minutes. All the content from @Piecesofkblog Instagram can be placed on @k.exum but in the format I have been using lately. So any ways to follow me on Instagram. It’s one brand, one page is fine. I think.

A lot transpired in this post. My best friend’s funeral. Deleting Instagram pages. Never had the chance to go camping. That’s enough of my random thoughts from the last 2 weeks. I started a new category, Called Journal Entry. This will be a little different from these posts. These will be me journaling my day with a mix of poems. Sounds fun? Maybe so. Until next time. See you later.

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