Summer Bucket List

Summer Bucket List:

What do I want to do this summer? What do I want to accomplish? The weather in the DMV is getting a little consistent with the heat. I can go out without a jacket more consistently now. This summer, I want to have fun and create more opportunities for my future. These are some things that I want. Tell me yours in the comments or on your own blog. Leave me a link below new friends.

  1. Merchandise: I want to drop my merchandise line. It’s been on my mind all year. What better time to do it? I’m ready financially to take this big step this summer.
  2. Road trip: I want to go back to Tarboro, North Carolina, so bad. I want a nice little hotel for myself, but I want to enjoy my father’s side of the family.
  3. Camping: I still want to go camping kind of. Just with close friends only.
  4. Release a New Spoken Word: I want to release something different from the others. Maybe some storytelling.
  5. Get a New Tattoo: It’s been so long since that mechanical tattoo gun has grazed this melanin skin. Another mastermind connecting with my mind to bring a masterpiece unlike no other to my skin. I have plenty of ideas saved. Let’s use at least one or two.
  6. Photoshoot: Last but certainly not least. I want to finally complete a professional photo shoot. I have a couple of fits I can throw on, and my merchandise would be a pleasant touch.

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