Writing Prompt #136

This prompt is from my new Prompt book, 642 Things About you (That I love). It’s a little note pad size book. Definitely not what I expected, but it has some great prompts. This is one of the many that I plan on completing and posting here. Check out my answer below and leave yours in the comments.

Writing Prompt: If our relationship had a secret code name, it would be

If our relationship had a secret code name, it would be confusion

Cause you like me, and I like you, but we both admitted we didn’t want a relationship as a conclusion

So we built this allusion that we can be friends and mess around a bit

Without creating a relationship

Like that always works out

The lover type always has their doubts

While the loner can play the game all too well,

No matter how many kisses get exchanged

The loner stays in their game

While the lover seeks a love life in another soul,

Fresh off a break up and hasn’t healed yet, so they filled their heart with holes

Instead of healing, the lover looks for someone else to play operation

While their mind stays focused on the loner,

Even throw slick lines to the loner to make sure they stay on edge

While the lover continues to try and fetch

Another lover

But finds themselves attached to the loner

The lover often blames the loner for flirting

The loner feels like they only flirt when the player is thirsting

A couple days apart leaves the two yearning for each other touch

When close, the 2 can’t help but blush

When alone, the lover always leave satisfied

The loner continues to refuse being a thing cause they don’t feel ready

But the loner also doesn’t see the lover as someone they’ll go steady with

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