How am I doing now?

How am I doing now?

How am I doing now? I’m in a better space than I was a week ago. A couple of things have changed a bit. Some good things have transpired. For starters, mother’s day was last week.

May 7th 2022 was Mother’s Day. The infamous day where moms and people who take the place of a mom in our lives is celebrated. This year was maybe the best one I ever had. It was different because I had a job this time. So I had to come correct. Last month my mom sent a list of items to buy her for mother’s day and her birthday on the 25th. So I brought her one shoe she wanted, which was these pink UGG slippers. I don’t know what to say about these things. But she like them.

Then I brought her these converse platforms that I thought looked pretty nice. I liked the color way. She loves pink, so I just felt like she would like them. To my surprise, she loved them and had wanted them all along. It felt amazing to see her smile like a kid on Christmas morning. The perfect ending to a special day.

Now, back to this camping ordeal. I don’t think I’m going honestly. I was working hard work wise. It would be a waste for me to take out money for this 3-day trip that I barely want to go to. I’m on a mission for this car. I don’t want to wait any longer. So I’m going to put my priorities first and just work towards my car goals. It sucks. I had a lot of cool camping accessories I wanted to get. Maybe they’ll be a next time that I can attend but not this time.

Last week I lost 7 pounds. I’m back down to 270. This time I’m not going back up. I want to reach at least 250 pounds and lower than build muscle. In order to get there, I’ll be getting back to my cardio to burn more fat quickly. My new bike should be here this week and then I’ll be back to my grind. This weight loss journey is far from over.

Wow, it’s the 15th and I’m still planning my goals for this month. It’s not like I accomplished everything. But I can’t think of many goals. I have 3 goals but I can’t think of two more. Let’s freely think about the things I really want. I kind of want a new single, but it’s a lot of planning that I want to go in to that. It’s just not the time sadly to throw out that much money. How about I stack 2,000 dollars as my goal? I say $2,000 for the car budget. That may work. One more goal. I slightly want to throw out the old learn something new goal. Let’s be different this time. Let’s do something different. Something we rarely do but always wanted to do.

In conclusion, these weekly thoughts were very helping. It’s something about just jotting down your inner thoughts for you to realize what you need to do. I have my 5 goals now. I look to get started on these goals today. My Mother’s Day was great. I made my mommy smile. Her birthday is nearing and I’m currently shopping for her special day. That smile will be back even bigger in a couple of weeks. Life is good. I can’t complain at the moment. Never stop trying to better yourself physically and mentally. Your mind is the most important part of you. Don’t abuse it. Heal it. Nourish it daily. See you next week.

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