April Results 2022

April Results 2022

April 2022 is over, and I have a couple of goals completed. Some not so much. But some progress is better than no progress. So view how I did this month. Share how you did this month in the comments below.

My Goals and Results:

  1. Finish the 8th confession: Sadly I didn’t read this book at all this month. Failed
  2. Lose Some Weight: Lost 3 Pounds this month. I’m currently back in the 270s. That’s the best part about completing this goal. Passed
  3. Blog More: I posted way more posts this month. It was good to get back into the groove of blogging. Passed
  4. Reread 7th Heaven: Didn’t even get this book from the library. Failed
  5. Record: I recorded a poem called Life 2. It was an accapella, no music. Just pure poetry. Then I recorded 2 more poems from the writing prompt category. Passed

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