Time to step it up

Weekly Thoughts #115: Time to step it up

Time for another Weekly Thoughts. So what’s been going on with me lately? One thing for sure this week is that I have been slacking on my writing. But that’s just one thing I’ll cover in this post. Let’s see why I think it’s time to step it up.

So about my friend circle. I have some friends that want to go camping. I did say I want to explore more and be adventurous. But Camping? I know I’ll be roasted heavily for months to years if I don’t go. I just been thinking to myself. Like I just have a few questions. Can I go 3 days without the social world? Can I go 3 days without contacting anyone on my phone? What am I going to do there? How I plan on profiting from the experience? The blogs I could make. I know my weekly thoughts post could be fun. Take some cool photos. The blogging benefits are there, but will I enjoy the trip? Will I ever know if I don’t go? Somethings to think about.

Recently, I signed up for a new gym membership. I have not been yet. I’m not giving up on my home routine. I just want to workout while still building my home set. My bench and weights are perfect. Just need a new bike. The right bike this time. A more expensive and reliable one. Until then, the gym will work just fine.

I may not have said it before, but I’m currently embarking on a car search. I want a car and need one. This will be my first car. I’m currently in the stacking stage. Making sure I have enough for the car and all that good stuff that comes with owning a vehicle. I can’t wait to hustle on insta cart and door dash. I work but my life is boring and I rather go make some spare change instead of sitting around.

Now anyone who read my door dash story time is surprised by that last few statements. I believe doing door dash now will be different. I’ve grown a lot in my confidence since before. Also, my driving is better. I’m more cautious even on a timer. Also door dash and insta cart is high demand now. I was doing it when people were barely ordering out like that. Now will be different. If I can make a good amount that can pay for my food lifestyle and everyday items. Then my checks can build. Just thinking about how this will benefit my pockets.

One of my goals that I’ll be able to check off for April Goals 2022 will be my recording goal. I wanted to record a spoken word. I haven’t recorded all year and been feeling like I lost my touch. So last Monday I went 3 for 3 on recordings. It felt incredible. Spoken word is raw and it’s what you make it. These last few month I been searching for a way to sound like others or traditional. When I’m good just being myself. Part of the reason I think I was searching for that sound was because I felt ignored in this spoken word field. But it’s not about the attention it brings. It’s about my passion for creating poetry. I love this and don’t need to be like anyone.

One of the poems I created this week was written on April 25th. That day is funny because I did a poem about my trauma on the anniversary of it all. I only know cause Snapchat reminded me of a TikTok I did on that day. I’ll never forget that day. Just like the others. They are glued to my anger. Earlier this week I wasn’t getting enough sleep. During the day when I’m off, all I seemed to do was sleep. Laid up the other night just thinking and regretting. I would make another hey depression, but I think it’ll only fall on deaf ears. Who really cares? Not my blood, that’s for sure. Only me.

This week ended better than it started. My sleep hopefully got its reset with all the sleep I got in over the weekend. I’m behind on my writing. After this post, I have to create my goals for this month. Then finish the results from last month. I’m so behind on everything. It’s ridiculous. I have just been working and relaxing. This month I’m on a mission to get back to my old blog views. It’s time for me to step it up.

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