Younger Self

Younger self

My younger self would be proud of me

I had the gastric sleeve surgery

A dream I was longing to complete

Felt defeat when I had to repeat the cycle

But that feat seems like old news

As I’m finally working

Pockets no longer hurting

The money I put in my mom’s hands

Brings an outstanding feeling

The amount I get is way over 60

I thank my big sis for helping my pockets back when

But now I’m making bread

My younger self would be happy seeing me dress

I no longer wear clothes just because

I can wear it because I love it

I actually have options now

No more feeling down

Because my clothes don’t fit well

It would excite the old me to know I’m not dwelling on the uncontrollable

But living in the controllable

Talking more and showing some personality

I even gained the courage to start therapy

I’m so proud of what I become

I love myself, and no longer wish death upon myself

I wish for more healthy choices for myself

I hope for more life

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