Lost Thoughts

It’s been awhile since I wrote one of these, so let’s see. I had to cancel another therapy session because of work. That was probably the second time I had to do that in 2022. So that sucks. My next appointment isn’t until May, and that’ll be my second therapy session of the year. I’m struggling to keep my mental intact until then. Lord knows I’m struggling.

So I kind of feel like I lied in March Results. Only reason I why is because I weighed myself during the last few days of March. I weighed in at 280 pounds. Then, the last day of the month after I had already written the post, I weighed in again, but this time at only 277 pounds. So I lost a couple from doing nothing.

Well, I wouldn’t say nothing as far as workouts go. I have been lifting, but not a lot of cardio other than work. I run up two flights of stairs all day for 5 days out of the week. I’ll call that a bit of exercise.

Since it’s the biggest thing in celebrity news, I’ll leave my 2 cents on Will Smith and Chris Rock. I think it’s 100% staged. No fiber in my body believes one of the biggest actors to grace our televisions slapped another great actor at the Oscar’s, of all places. I feel like the slap was real, but they made it up. The whole situation feels fake. I don’t think it was real. If it was, I would say I stand with Will’s reason, but not his actions. You can still pull someone aside and say that joke wasn’t it. It’s not funny to joke about an illness. Things you can’t control will never be funny. No matter how you put it. But I digress.

Honestly, I don’t know when I wrote those last couple of paragraphs. I have been trying to write more of my weekly thoughts. I have been slacking.

The good news is I have been falling back in love with spoken word. I went to busboys and poets 2 weeks ago and felt the urge to speak throughout my body, but I stayed still. When I saw poets struggle and seen the crowd cheered them on still. I felt like that was beautiful. I felt a little comfort. Like even if I mess up. At least I will be comforted.

These last few weeks have been stressful. Work has gone from being a little fun to a headache. I’m attempting to stay the course to continue to invest in the brand. It’s been a fight to hang on, but I intend to keep going on. This post is all over the place, but it mirrors my life these past few weeks. See you next week, hopefully.

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