Writing Prompt #132

Writing Prompt #132

Set a timer for five minutes and then write, nonstop and without judgement, starting with the phrase, “One moment I’ll always remember is…” When the timer sounds, go back and add more descriptive physical details and imagery. Using whatever form you like, build a poem to share that memory with readers.

One moment I’ll always remember is the shouts

They were loud enough to wake up the neighborhood

I wanted to fight, but I didn’t budge

It felt like deja vu

Only that time I was a kid who didn’t have a clue

But I still remember the imagery of her flying across the living room

The same room that she groomed me in

Then again, it was the shouts

From when she tried to put him out,

And he laid out in front of the car she was in

I guess that was a different time with a different crowd

But the same officials had to be called

The same tears fell from her little eyes that night

While mines fell too like always,


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