Love Is

Love is

Love is someone I experienced once

When I was going through my most confusing time,

I was depressed and wanted someone else time

But felt like I didn’t deserve it

Part of the reason was I didn’t feel like depression, and Love should mix 

They seem like total opposites 

But they say opposites attract

Who am I to say they wouldn't have stayed on track?

Also, I didn’t feel like I had enough money for this dating world 

Society makes this gender seem like we have to have a bag to be loved

Or is this bag needed so I can be used?

Men are supposed to pay for everything, but what about the love I bring?

Well, that never seems to fit on the table

I have to pay for everything and be some tough street dude

If I’m not, then I’m corny like Russ

When do I get to just be your lover?

I once felt like I found a lover

When with in a range of her, I always was too focused on filling her guts

Or maybe that was the time I met lust

Love is someone I once knew, but I always can’t seem to handle her

I always end up doing more damage

Love is someone I want to cherish

At least once before I perish

Sometimes I think I’m not the loving type

But I love to write

Maybe that’s the only love I’ll experience

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