March Goals 2022

March Goals 2022: Let’s get started on some new goals. If you’re not used to planning goals. Do so this month? What do you want done this month? Pick out some goals and focus. Here are mines.

  • Start The 8th Confession: I’m ready to move on to the next book. I’m on a mission to read 10 books this year and this will bring me one step closer to my goal.
  • Lose Some Weight: I don’t care what it takes. I want to lose 20 pounds soon. I want some legitimate weight loss this month.
  • Blog More: 10 posts in the last two months is ridiculous. I have to do more and do better than that.
  • Learn Something New: It’s always good to learn. Knowledge is key.
  • Figure out the first single: What do I want to release into the spoken word world? Let’s figure it out. Is it Love? A personal spoken word or do I want to release something else? I have so much unrecorded spoken words that need to be finished. On top of the already recorded ones. Which one deserves to go out? That’s the question that needs to be answered over the course of this month.

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