February Results 2022

February Results 2022: Let’s see how I did on my February Goals 2022.

  • Lose some weight: This list is already starting bad. I failed this goal. I stayed the same as far as my weight goes.
  • Start The 8th Confession book: I didn’t start the book yet. I just borrowed it from the library yesterday and haven’t started yet. I want to finish writing something first. Fail
  • Blog More: I posted exactly 10 blog posts. The same amount as last months posts. Fail
  • Finish the 7th heaven: Finished yesterday. It was great. Working on the book talk now. Success
  • Learn Something New: I learned how to be myself. I learned how to be unbothered by the public opinion. I’m actually speaking more. Being my goofy self around unfamiliar faces and I’m loving every bit. Success

In conclusion, I hope I get better next month. I’m adjusting to my alternative lifestyle that you can read about in the last Weekly Thoughts. It’s been an unusual change that I have to get under control. The point of these excuses is to say I’m working in progress, who is adjusting and shifting his focus to the things that matter with one step at a time. You won’t always perfect things, but don’t give up, just adjust. See you all in March.

Some Of My Memories From This Month

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