How my life is going?

Weekly Thoughts #113: How my life is going?

I feel like I’m ditching my mental health. I need another appointment. I haven’t had one since January. Our schedules don’t align and it’s been too difficult to reschedule. I love going even though I’m hardly depressed. I felt a way about my writing. I have had little passion lately. I get off of work around 3, so I have the rest of my evening to create magic, but I fall flat. Either I can’t think of something or I feel a little discouraged about my poetry writing as of late. I felt discouraged, but after some dope comments from some great poets on Instagram, made me feel a lot better. But not enough to write a new poem.

The good thing about working or having a getting paid plan is I no longer have to write to satisfy the trend. You know I don’t have to try so hard. I can go back to the beginning feeling. When I was creating just for fun. Exploring my ideas in my mind and just being me again. The power of speaking to some with my poems instead of my voice. I miss that feeling. I haven’t even recorded a spoken word all year. But I have a feeling I may break that streak soon.

As I write this post, I think about how great this year has started. I was one to say I didn’t want a job for so long. Now I’m working almost every day. Getting money that I’m able to set up for a profit to the K. Exum brand. Also, I could put money back in my momma’s pockets. Barely even let her pick up her purse when we stop for food. That’s an amazing feeling.

My weight loss journey is at another halt. I’m considering just going back to the gym at this point. So I brought this bike that I will not link. I have in the past, but it is no point now. So I received this foldable exercise bike from Amazon for my birthday. To my surprise, the leg or the part that the pedal latches on to fell off after the 3rd day on it. So I looked up videos and found out, I needed a socket wrench to fix it. Went and purchased one from AutoZone and, long story short, I fixed it.

So I thought, it fell off multiple times after that. I got upset with it after a while. Got it replaced then three months afterwards it fell off again. It is literally driving me crazy. So I’m stuck at buying another one from another brand but going back to the gym in the meantime. Also, the bench I just ordered came with the worst instructions. It won’t stay in place when I use it. That’s a problem. So I’m stuck on what to do. I may get all new equipment or go back to the gym.

In conclusion, this year is going good. A few hiccups along the way, but not enough to derail me or my goals. I may be off my blog sometimes, but I’m finally living life a bit more outside of my pen. That’s alright as long as I always keep the pen moving. See you all next week.

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