Words Hurt

Words Hurt: 

Words hurt when it comes from your family’s mouths

I say this because I remember when I was younger

I used to rock a Mohawk, believe it or not

I loved every bit

From the high pointy look, it had

To how many gazes were stolen

It made me feel golden

But my glamour was awoken

By my blood’s inability to love it just because I was happy

They were constantly unhappy 

And putting their criticism in my head,

It’s too high, just cut it

It looks stupid

I miss the old you

My hair is my hair, why does it bother you

I would cut it eventually 

I would remember feeling doubts

When I was out, I no longer felt the glamour 

I felt the opposite

I would no longer smile

That’s when I realized I wanted me back

So I would grow it back

Then, just like before, I’ll get the same nagging

So I cut it again 

Then I got it back

Then I cut it

Then I grew it back

The point I’m trying to make is fuck their opinions 

Normalize Ignoring your family opinions on your style

Don’t let it bother you

You are beautiful just the way you are

What you choose to do to your look is your own choice

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