How am I doing in 2022?

Weekly Thoughts #112: How am I doing in 2022?

How have I been doing in 2022? For starters, wow it’s been so long since the last weekly Thoughts. I need to rename this category to Monthly Thoughts. Okay, so I last left off with talking about my new job. That was during the first week of January.

I must admit I have been slacking a lot lately. I have posted little, but I’m coming back around to it. I have been working 5 days a week each week since the beginning of this year. I have been through some obstacles. I overcame a lot. One problem I was dealing with was being too shy in the workplace. That was something that needed to be dealt with. I have been shy all my life, and that was honestly my decision. Every day, I go to work. I open my mouth and speak loud and clear to the people I work with. If you believe you can do it, then you will. That’s all I did, and it feels great. To not only be seen as the gentle giant, but to be heard.

What else happened? I received my first ever check. Man, it felt good. I spent the whole check. It was a good amount for 8 days of work. Then my second check was a little higher for 9 days of work. Aside from getting paid. I’m really enjoying working. That was one thing I wanted was to have a job I wouldn’t be mad about going to everyday. It’s an experience. Also, it’s funny. The stories from work are crazy. I wouldn’t know where to begin.

My home gym has been updated. I bought some new equipment recently. I brought this weighted vest. Some additional weights with a connector to it. Also, a bench that I wait for now. It’s going to be so fun building the dream body. I can’t wait till my bench comes.

The shop is coming along nicely. I have big ideas for it. I’m working on that now. I want to have my shop up and running by summer. It’s some more tweaks to make, so I’ll keep you posted.

Honestly, life is good right now. I’m working and helping out as I save for my own place. I have something to look forward to each morning. Not much to complain about. I am going to work on posting more because it’s been dry lately. Other than that. 2022 is great. See you next time for some more weekly thoughts.

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