Writing Prompt #131

Writing Prompt #131: What did you want to be when you were a child?

I had so many ideas when I was a child

Living in a hood, they call the zoo, but I didn’t see it as wild

I used to stay up late watching wrestling, thinking that could be me

Seeing HBK hit the sweet chin music

The foot bouncing off the face was music to my ears

That was until I realized he was just slapping his leg

And the undertaker was never dead

The idea died when I realized it wasn’t real

I wanted to be a firefighter

Until I realized I feared fire

I wanted to be a cop

Until I realized they kill black people

I know someone in the comments is like no that’s not true

Cause your family member who is a cop is so nice to you

But to me he’ll shout at me for no reason

Walk up to my window with his weapon drawn

I could go on and on

But you don’t wear this skin so you’ll never understand

Last, I wanted to be an author

I have known since I was 8

By faith, I am a self-published author at 24 years old

Until the end of time, I’ll continue to fill these pages

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