Top 5 Lessons Learned In 2021

Top 5 Lessons Learned In 2021:

2021, was filled with lessons just like any year we face. So this is a list of the things I learned. If you’re familiar with my monthly goals, then you’ll know I clarify I want to learn something each month. These are some hidden lessons that I may have not shared with you. If you like this post, then follow me for more of my journey.

1. I learned that people never change. They just hide their genuine emotions under a cover.

2. Sometimes your core supporters come from unfamiliar faces.

3. I learned how to cook a few things. From baking spaghetti with my pops. To learning how to make bbq ribs.

4. Learned more about manipulation. In person this time. Seeing multiple people around me do things to people, then play victim.

5. I learned that you have to take care of your mental health with actual care. Since starting my mental health journey last year. I have learned more and I have also felt heard by my doctors. A feeling that most black families don’t go through. Don’t want to make it a race thing, but in my household and other black families that I have seen. They often suffer the same way. We feel some type of way about how we’re treated and instead of talking with your family. You’re pushed to the side and told to forget the disrespect thrown at you. Which can make someone not want to speak up or even feel bad because they’re down. You know? I learned that it’s okay to open up to a professional. The surrounding stigma is there to keep us from actually thinking before we do. It’s there to keep us from actually getting help. Mental health is just as or even more valuable as physical health.

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