Don’t Talk

Don’t Talk

I honestly hate receiving advice from you

If you never burst out crying for no reason

No one touch you, not even teases you

But water slid down your cheek

If you never woke up in the middle of the night crying

Feeling an emptiness inside your chest

In the same spot, your heart should be

Have you ever felt like the black sheep

Cause you feel like you don’t belong in your own family

If you never held a knife or looked at pills and thought this could be my way out

Then don’t even think of some advice

If you haven’t contemplated suicide

As much as I did

Then don’t even try to tell me how to get over it

If you never depended on antidepressants to keep you happy 

Then don’t even talk to me

If you never blew trees just to keep your mind at ease,

Then don’t speak to me

Don’t even parch your lips when it comes to my anger

My temper to you is a stranger

We don’t share this

So don’t get embarrassed when I lash out

Have you ever seen your vision go black? 

You felt still

You didn’t feel pain

Almost like you were sleeping 

But when your vision came back,

People were laying on their back 

People were holding you

You were confused 

Adrenaline rushing, but you don’t know what happened 

Getting suspended without ever seeing what you did

But witnesses seen you do every bit of damage 

I feel so damaged

Do you know that feeling? 

If not, don’t talk to me

I’m K. Exum

And you're not me

You don’t know my pain

You don’t have a right to tell me how to feel

Who made you god?

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