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Writing Prompt #130

Writing Prompt #130: Who was your most memorable teacher and why? 

My Answer:

I believe his name was Mr Harvard or Howard. I know it started with a H. He was this tall, curly haired man. With a belief in his students. I believe he was my 4th or 5th grade teacher. He saw me in class writing a story one day. I used to write stories in class when I was finished with my work. He caught me one day, and he read it. He didn’t just read it once, though. He gathered the entire class into a little circle. He stood in the middle and read it to the entire class.

Everyone cheered at the end. Hearing those applauds at that young age made me want to be a writer even more. I believe another special thing he did was let me talk to an author. I don’t remember her name. All I remember was that she had come to the school to talk to the little kids. So he took it upon himself to let me talk to her, too. I’m 24 now and I can’t remember that conversation. I wish I did. Mr H was my most memorable teacher I ever encountered because he was the first non-family member to believe in me.

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