How am I starting 2022?

Weekly Thoughts #111: How am I starting 2022?

Guess who got a new job? Well, it’s also my first job. I only worked 3 days this week. It was supposed to be 5, but the 2 snow days here in Maryland changed the plans. I would say it was better than expected. I only hoped that it was easy and, most importantly, that I liked it. I did like it and it was fairly easy to handle. I’m working in security. Which is different because I’m usually shy. But I’m trying to break the habit this year. The only thing I have to get used to is sitting around for multiple hours with no phone to entertain me. Coincidently, I had my therapy appointment on my first day of work. My therapist gave some brilliant advice for my first day of work. Put my mind at ease a little.

Now, I can check off the look for a job goal and the find a steady income goal right now. I found this job on the last day of 2021. I started the new year with a job and a steady income. So that’s great news.

I don’t believe I ever mentioned that I started my dreadlocks. I’m a couple months into my loc journey. I’ll leave some type of collage below somewhere to show my progress. Until now, it has only satisfied me with my hair being up in a ponytail. But recently I discovered 2 strand dreadlock style. It’s basically 2 individual dreads twisted together. So I tried it and it’s perfect. Look.

The Pieces Of K blog has now achieved an all-time high 50 thousand views. As of today. It’s amazing to see that many views on this blog. I have to thank all of you for reading every post that accumulated that number. Thank you all.

As far as my weight goes. I haven’t developed a workout routine. I was thinking about it. For one, I was working all day lately. So when I get home I am exhausted from all the walking. I try to stay up and get on the bike, but I fail. I shower, eat, then sleep. All in that order. My body is done after work. I walk all day for work. No energy when it’s all over.

For the first week of the year, it’s been pretty good. I have a new job. Giving me something better to do every day. A steady income will help me move out this year. I’m keeping that goal in the air until I achieve it. As far as what’s coming, I keep that on hush. You’ll see soon. Soon. I’m excited about it. Until then, follow my Instagrams. My Personal @K.Exum and my Blog IG @Piecesofkblog. Also, follow this blog or subscribe to this blog via email below to never miss an update. I try to post at least 3 times a week so enjoy. See you guys next week.

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