22 Goals For 2022

2022 Goals For 2022: 2021 wasn’t that great to me. I hope that whatever happens this year that I will at least get these goals done.

  1. Read at least 10 books
  2. Get down to 250 pounds 
  3. Release 1 short story
  4. Continue mental health journey with therapy and psychiatry
  5. Find a steady income
  6. Release A Spoken Word With Marketing Plan: Only with well-planned releases this year. If it’s not ready to go, then don’t let it out.
  7. Save More: Save more funds. I think it’s great to save and I want to do more of it. If the item isn’t needed, then I’m leaving it on the shelf.
  8. Create a healthy habit: Find something healthy to do that will bring more peace.
  9. Gain new skills: I want to learn more skills. 
  10. Buy Birthday Gifts all year: It’s just something I never do and I want to buy gifts for everyone in my immediate family this year.
  11. Release the past: The past can’t exist in your mind and your present. Focus on today and not yesterday.
  12. Love Yourself: Love every aspect of your new body. Learn to love your flaws. Appreciate the art that you create. The only opinion that should float around our dome is ours. We’re all we got.
  13. Create a regular exercise routine: I now have a stationary bike. That has brought some pounds down. I believe with a better game plan that I can reach my goal weight quicker.
  14. Try to be more social: I want to be more out there. I don’t want to be shy no more. 
  15. Do a real photoshoot: A real photographer and backdrop. With a planned out theme.
  16. Learn to let out your anger in better ways: I know therapy can help, but it doesn’t hurt to find another way. Not medicated ways. 
  17. Write a book: Just write one. I have written maybe 2 or 3 but it’s been awhile since. I just want to write a novel just for fun.
  18. Speak up more: Voice my opinion more when I don’t agree with something. I’m tired of feeling like a doormat when I look back at things. Voice my disapproval of the situation up front.
  19. Overcome a fear: Doesn’t matter which one. Just overcome it.
  20. Travel Somewhere: Did this on the last yearly goal blog post. But I’m still in the need of exploring the world more. 
  21. Go for it: It’s better to go for it and learn lessons from your mistakes. Than to sit here next year and wonder what if. Believe in yourself. Make calculated decisions.
  22. Find a new home: Yes, it’s better to change than run away. But it’s time I leave the nest. I was so depressed through my teens and into adulthood. I feel like most of my problems stem from family and not getting along with each other 24/7. Maybe I don’t need to see my people all the time. Maybe only on holidays.


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