December Results 2021

December Results 2021: Time to wrap it up for the year.

  1. Create a better single release for the next single: I’m going to say this is mostly complete. I have planned out the next release. Maybe it will be my last one for a while. I want to better myself in the spoken word field before going forward. So I’ll be studying more. Maybe I’ll drop in February if I get better. When I fully feel comfortable, I’ll be back harder than before.
  2. Lose 5 pounds: I gained 5 pounds. I know, it’s terrible. I failed this goal.
  3. Finish the 6th Target: Check. Read more about that book in this Book Talk.
  4. Keep your peace: Fail. I had multiple tantrums that left an uneasy feeling that shifted half of my month.
  5. Learn something new: I learned how to roll. Complete.


In conclusion, I hope this is the last list I do where there are any failures. Everyone always looks to next year as a new beginning, but I’m looking at it with a new mental state. A more conscious one. One that has seen its mistakes and knows the formula to create a new outcome. Goodbye 2021. You brought more stress and depression. More familiar faces turning on me. Broken family that god himself couldn’t fix. A cold heart that’s numb to pain. A temper that rises often with no real off button. A man that has so much hate for his own blood. 2021 is no more, but these feelings remain real. Still, as the hours to the ball drop emerge in the distance. 2022 here I come. 

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