Am I a Spoken Word Artist?

Weekly Thoughts #110: Am I a Spoken Word Artist?

Have I strayed away from the spoken word genre? I have for a while been leveling my vocals and the beat together. Almost like rap instead of poetry. Maybe I’m tripping or so. I did just get denied for a playlist for not really sounding like the genre of spoken word. Now it has me researching and viewing others to see if I’m straying away. I want to be in this genre, but I kinda sound different. Is this different, good or bad? Do others hear my poetry and think I’m rapping because I have gotten that sometimes. Maybe I need to reevaluate my sound.

Legacy now has a video. I have added it to the legacy post. It is hand drawn, just like the last single. Legacy is feeling like a mistake. I love the piece, but I think I should have waited. That’s neither here nor there. I don’t know sometimes. Much like the last paragraph. I’m doubting myself. Am I even good?

How was Christmas shopping for you? Cause I barely did any. My family has been choosing to not take part in Christmas gifts this year. So we’re not exchanging gifts this year. I still got my parents out of the way, but not anyone else. Christmas when you’re older just feels like another day. No more of that exciting feeling you get on Christmas Eve. Those thoughts of what you’re getting on Christmas Eve. The Christmas parties with some of your other family. Receiving that gift from an uncle you barely talk to. Unwrap to something cool that you didn’t expect from them. Preparing and eating those homemade cookies. Once you’re in your 20s, all those things are not expected.

I hope Christmas brings some type of enjoyment. Lord knows this has been one of the worst years. I would like a nice, peaceful day to myself. A gift or two. The kid in me could never truly let go of Christmas. 

So it’s now the 26th of December and Christmas was kinda weird. It was more quiet than anything. I barely seen family at all, but that was my fault. I didn’t want to take part in the gathering per usual. I’m not the big on get together. I rather stay to myself and relax and do things I want to do. Honestly, I had fun alone. Enjoying my new ear buds and chilling with my nephew. But it just didn’t feel like Christmas. I hope your Christmas is better. Until next time, follow this blog and all my socials down below. I’ll be back soon with more weekly thoughts.

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