21 Goals for 2021 Results

21 Goals For 2021 Checklist: 2021 was a good year for many, but wasn’t that good for me. I set out to complete 21 goals, and I didn’t. I checked off 8 of the goals. Still, I could learn and grow as a person mentally throughout the year. Well, anyway, let’s go through this long list.

  1. Stop depending on people: I depended on so many people per usual. I learned more about how I shouldn’t depend on a soul more this year. Without too much detail, I went through a lot of fucked up situations. To the point I don’t want to depend on my family for a home. If that makes sense.
  2. Don’t pass up on any wonderful opportunities: I don’t believe I passed up any opportunities. (Check)
  3. Study your craft more: I did a little. But not as much as I should have. (Check)
  4. Release a poetry book: Didn’t happen sadly. I’m working on it.
  5. Drop a spoken word album: No, not this year. I released 2 spoken words this year. Legacy, which was most recently. Let me talk my shit turned out to become one of my most streamed songs I ever released. Which was amazing.
  6. Continue to improve your skincare: I think my skin has come a long way. Few bumps and I feel amazing and look amazing. (Check)
  7. Read more blogs within a niche: I barely read many. Not even one Pinterest post. Have to do better.
  8. Release The Story Of Charles Levi Chapter 2: It’s coming in a big way. I was writing. I’ll let you know in a couple of months.
  9. Cut out the bullshit or simply the distractions: I was working on some and bullshitting some. So it was half and half this year. Everyone loves a good half and half combination.
  10. Do a spoken word collaboration of your own: I wanted to. Still don’t know which one of my pieces could have another mastermind on.
  11. Work on toning our body: Still not there yet.
  12. No More Excuses just work and keep going: I had excuses on excuses.
  13. See a therapist or learn more about mental health: I finally went to therapy in July and it’s been wonderful, so far and a new journey. (Check)
  14. Travel somewhere: Took a trip to West Virginia one day. I also went back home to Tarboro, North Carolina, for a mini family cookout on Labor Day. Not really my home, but I love it there. (Check)
  15. Accept your past and move on: Nope, my past has me on a leash and I haven’t figured out how to break free.
  16. Post more stories on the blog: I posted not a single story this year. I failed horribly.
  17. Make more YouTube videos: Thanks to Shorts, I have uploaded more. Also, the exception of my spoken word videos. (Check)
  18. Get out more: I was out way more this year. Spent a lot of time out with friends earlier in the year. Took a trip to West Virginia and North Carolina. Started going out to the stores way more after taking antidepressants. (Check)
  19. Read 10 Books: 5/10. I suck. I just never find a good time to read.
  20. Never Give up on our career: A big check mark. No matter how rough things were. I kept my pen on the pages. (Check)
  21. Find happiness: I found more depression this year. I felt lonely and hopeless. I found out more about how much my family doesn’t love me. I found out how much I want to become the black sheep of my family. Happiness was a distant cousin to me this year. I had my moments where I was happy. But I can probably count those memories on one hand.

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The Goal List from the beginning of this year. 21 Goals For 2021

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