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Book Talk: The 6th Target

 A lunatic hearing voices that influences his violent actions in the city of San Francisco. One victim left with a hole in them turns out to be a member of the Women’s murder club. A crazy man who wants silence by any means. A kidnapping ring gets exposed in this wonderful novel called The 6th Target by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro. Let’s talk about it.

 This one was certainly different. With the others, I was used to figuring out who did it, but this was no mystery. It was a manhunt that began viciously that affected the cast of main characters. I loved the switch up of strategy.

 The mental health angle was done perfectly. It still has me asking sick or sane? I mean, he heard voices, but he recalled every event. To me, I thought an overhaul of voices and actually acting on those thoughts would be more like a blur to someone. But seeing it on tv made it real to him. But in court, he had more to say. Even seemed like he was being manipulative.

 I wrote that last paragraph before reading on. Now I know he was sane. He had to be. Or the medication made him more crazy. What a beautiful ending to this masterpiece. Took me by complete surprise. Loved the little cliffhanger. 

 I believe this was my favorite. I probably say that in every one of these book talks but it got so good towards the end. Fred just caught me by surprise. All the evidence had me set on him just being another victim of a mental disability. He was, but also he loved the feeling. So was he a victim?

 Still some unanswered questions. But we may see what’s next for Fred in the future. For now, you can join me and catch up on this series by buying the book and reading along. Or even listening to it could be fun. Like, comment and follow this blog for more. Follow the authors below. 

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