The 5th Horseman

Book Talk: The 5th Horseman

Been meaning to finish this, but have been distracted. But here we go. The 5th Horseman By James Patterson & Maxine Paetro. The iconic duo that made this masterpiece happen. Let’s dive into this wonderful book. Here is the 5th Horseman.

The plot was full of twists. A murder happening in a hospital. That’s too clean to tell if it’s actually murder. Like what are the chances of a hospital intentionally killing their patients. People are just dying in the hospital and their families were outraged because their injuries weren’t life threatening. Honestly, the killer could have killed a lot more if they targeted seriously ill patients. But killing people with broken arms and such was bound to get caught at some point. But it still felt like finding a needle in a haystack.

Usually I can figure out the killer by the middle of the novel. Not this time. Even in the end, the killer was still unknown. I knew all along the killer they had picked wasn’t it. They were too perfect to be the killer. Then the other mystery was weird. A murderer and a cross dresser. Who would have thought? Don’t mean to spoil too much. Still is an outstanding read. I suggest you pick this up today. 

I would honestly like to say this was one of the better ones. It was just hard to figure out who the murderer was. Not until the very last few pages is when I found out. That right there is excellent. The authors made you really search for them and still pull a magic trick on the audience. Bravo. Thank you to James Patterson and Maxine Paetro for another brilliant book. 

I know I still am further back in this series but will take it one book at a time. The 5th horseman was great. Now onto the next book in the series. Follow this blog to see what I think about the 6th target next. Follow the authors down below. Purchase their newest creations. Of course, those are affiliate links, so I earn a percentage of it. So check it out.

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